Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Show Fans How They 'Really Kiss'

The couple swapped spit, tongues and laughs in an Instagram that's breaking the internet.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello just kissed off their critics.

Answering fans who dissed their kissing, the celebrity singing couple posted a video late Wednesday showing them making out. (See it below.) The tongue exchange is tongue-in-cheek, but still, wow.

Mendes begins the video by explaining that they noticed social media insults about them kissing “like fish.”

“Yeah, it really hurt our feelings,” Cabello said.

“We just want to show you how we really kiss,” Mendes added.

Then the two go at it in an over-the-top spit-swapping sesh that draws a laugh from Cabello.

The internet may never recover.

Buzz about the two picked up after their “Senorita” music video dropped months ago. But Wednesday’s steamy post is the duet that many have probably been waiting for.