Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Make Out Like Crazy At Clippers Game

The "Senorita" singers steamed up Staples Center in their courtside seats.

The Los Angeles Clippers beat the NBA champion Toronto Raptors on Monday, but the hottest action wasn’t on the court.

Celebrity lovebirds Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello scored major PDA in the Staples Center sideline seats ― kissing, nuzzling and cuddling the evening away.

Dare we say they out-smooched Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale at a Rangers hockey game in New York last March?

Talk about a full-court press.

These “Senorita” singers have sucked face before in front of a large audience, French-kissing comically in an Instagram to troll critics who said they kissed like fish.

OK, they’re kinda cute carrying on. And they did appear to take in the action on the court from time to time.

The two revealed recently that they officially became a couple on the Fourth of July.

But they continued the fireworks for NBA fans.

The two came up for air to cheer.

This should put last month’s breakup rumors to bed for good.