Shawn Morales' Gold's Gym Membership Revoked Because Of Stinky Body Odor

Kicked Out Of Gold's Gym For Bad B.O.?

We've all been there. You're on the machine at the gym and about to pass out--not because you're really working hard. But because of the guy to your right's major BO.

Well, it's finally happened. An LA man, Shawn Morales, has lost his Gold's Gym membership because his body odor was just that bad.

Like everyone in Los Angeles, the guy's an actor/model/event producer. Except he's kind of a big deal, with 5,000+ friends on Facebook.

And 86 of those friends--who commented on the post--are loyal, come drip or dry. Some recommended a doctor's note or suing for discrimination. But probably our favorite advice:

To all the gym-goers of the world: Does this smell like justice or totally stink?

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