This 10-Year-Old Kid Really Likes Donald Trump

DES MOINES, Iowa –- Meet 10-year-old Shay Doyle from Waverly, Iowa. He’s a kid on a mission -– to get Donald Trump elected president.

This rising fifth grader isn’t old enough to vote or caucus, but he’s trying to recruit support for Trump’s campaign in Iowa, starting with introducing him at an event in Des Moines on Tuesday night following Trump’s announcement of his bid for the presidency earlier in the day in New York City.

Not even tall enough to stand behind the podium, Shay, standing on a box, explained what a Trump White House might look like.

“I think that he’s one of those people, instead of going out and telling everyone what he will do, he’ll just go and do it,” Shay told a crowd at Hoyt Sherman Place.

Shay said he’s been studying Wall Street, politics and law, in an effort to help Iowans decide which candidate would best represent them.

“The reason I like him is because he’s a lot like me in the way he’s very bull-headed. His passion leads him to where he wants to go," Shay said in an interview with The Huffington Post.

Shay said Trump became his idol after he heard him speak earlier this year.

“I mean, he’s the North American dream,” Shay said. “I’d say just look at him, he’s going to run this country, he’s going to be great at it, vote for him."

Shay now has his own Twitter account, @mrkidtrump

Watch the video above.



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