Shay Kun's Jarring Earth Invaders (PHOTOS)

Admit it: tourists are annoying. They get cheap thrills from obnoxious pictures, inauthentic activities and embarrassing souvenirs. Israeli painter Shay Kun presents human beings as intrusive tourists on Earth, oblivious to the harm we're doing to the planet.

His paintings riff off the reverent and meditative landscape, and show strong influences from the Hudson School of the American West. Crystalline lakes and expressive sunsets create a sublime backdrop for this rowdy band of human visitors, whose activities and interferences create a jarring, surreal quality to the work. Human adventure -- seeking actions that are not uncommon, such as skateboarding, hiking and hot air ballooning -- look clownish and unnatural against the awe-inspiring landscapes. Kun's paintings show us as 'human invaders,' hungry for a quick bit of fun while overlooking the richness of being present in the world.

Shay Kun's works present the world in a shifted perspective. There is an undeniable dreaminess to the visions, with the technicolor sharpness adds to the unreal aesthetic. In the end it appears that the magic of Mother Nature holds out against the earthly visitors, even with their cheap tastes and ravenous appetites.

Shay Kun's current exhibition 'Domestic Sticky Wildlife' will show at Martine Chaisson Gallery until March 31.

Shay Kun