Shay Mitchell Opens Up About Being 'Completely Blindsided' By Miscarriage

The actress talked in a new YouTube series about why she waited so long to reveal her current pregnancy.

Shay Mitchell opened up to fans about having a miscarriage in 2018 and why she chose to reveal it now, on the heels of announcing she’s having a baby.

“I chose to hold on until I announced because of the first time. It didn’t go as I had hoped for and it was extremely difficult. The first time that I was pregnant last year, Matte and I hadn’t been planning, but it happened and we were really excited about it,” said Mitchell in the emotional first episode of her YouTube series “Almost Ready.”

“I was like 14 weeks. At that point, I had no idea the percentage of miscarriages. When it happened, I was just completely blindsided by it.”

The “Pretty Little Liars” star, who is expecting her first child with partner Matte Babel, announced her pregnancy on social media in June.

She went on to say in the video posted this week that she hasn’t forgotten the pain of that experience or the doctor visits, so it’s changed how she’s processing this pregnancy.

“Of course I’m super happy, but I still feel for that one that I lost,” she said, before acknowledging that other women she knows have “gone through a way harder journey.”

“It’s just really tough because you feel broken, as a woman, and that is not a great feeling,” said the 32-year-old of the miscarriage.

Mitchell also noted that she hasn’t touched the room she and Babel have for the baby because of the miscarriage.

“I just want to wait it out, I want to get to as late as possible and then I’ll do this,” she said.

The emotions shared by the “You” star have resonated with many fans on social media:

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