She Had An Affair. What Happened Next Had Them Questioning Everything

"Either you choose to fight for what you have or you choose to walk away."

An affair can either break you apart ― or bring you closer together as a couple.

In a new video from The Scene ― the makers of the viral “Hurt Bae” video ― Ana and Ballesa sit down to talk about how infidelity has impacted their relationship. Like its predecessor, the video has touched a nerve with people on Facebook, where it has over 683,000 views.

The pair met and fell in love as students in San Francisco. A few years into their relationship, Ballesa accepted an internship in Spain and while away, Ana cheated. Ana even introduced Ballesa to the other woman over FaceTime, an especially poignant detail.

“It’s messed up,” Ballesa says, still visibly shaken from the incident. “I just don’t get why you would FaceTime me. How come you didn’t think of me?”

Ana tells her: “Because in that moment of time, I had no idea anything was going to happen.”

When Ballesa returned to the states, the couple tried to repair the relationship, but during the process, she cheated herself. In the clip, Ana asks if the affair was a form of retaliation.

“You didn’t run through my mind at all,” Ballesa says. “This was all for figure out my situation and how I felt for you.”

Toward the end of the clip, the couple struggle to decide if the relationship is even worth saving.

“If this is where we’re going and this is how things are being played out then maybe we really shouldn’t be together,” Ana wonders aloud.

To see how the couple resolve their problems, watch the clip above.

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