She, "Her," Hillary Is Not Michelle

She, "Her," Hillary Is Not Michelle
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Democratic Presidential Candidate Nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.
Democratic Presidential Candidate Nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.
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Well, your girl, she, “her,” Hillary, used all of the buzz words in last night’s DNC Presidential nomination acceptance speech. I listened, half-heartedly, as I was conducting a conference call for The National Black Banking Campaign, because that’s where I can really make an impact with my voice. I kept waiting for it and then she finally referenced the very real threat to the lives of Blacks and Latinos in this country. She stopped just short of calling the culprits out by name or alliance. And, that did it, I’m sure. That pushed millions of American African (not a typo) voters that were teetering the line to the other side to stand “with her.” Yet, twenty-four hours later, I’m still teetering and uncertain.

She’s a magnificently trained and brilliant politician undoubtedly. She is probably going to win this election because fear is powerful and the people are not here for “the human Chee-to,” as my friend and fellow blogger, Lauren Gay ( , references the candidate known as Trump.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Melania TrumpMARING PHOTOGRAPHY/GETTY/CONTOUR
Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Melania TrumpMARING PHOTOGRAPHY/GETTY/CONTOUR

Even though she and Trump were/(are) friends; even though he has been one of the largest contributors in her past campaigns; even though they are two sides of the same blood-stained coin, she did such an excellent job of painting Trump as the villain and herself as the phoenix-like, misunderstood, bullied, vilified and victimized heroine, America will stand with her and vote in droves because we love a cinematic story with a happy ending.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton
(Credit: Reuters/Randall Hill/Mike Segar/Photo montage by Salon)

So, since that’s a given, and there are enough people perpetuating the fear and convincing others to be “with her” because, to them, Trump is a precursor to the end of the world, I’ll take this time to SPEAK to some random thoughts and observations from the very entertaining latter half of the Democratic National Convention. (I didn’t see it all because...well, kids and life). Other than to do what your moral compass requires of you, I’m not here to convince anyone to buy into any side in this political melodrama. Honestly, for Black America, there isn’t a “win” in this presidential election. So, God be with you all in the voting booths.

List of Randomness

1. I’m sure many will SPEAK to this, but I am simply in awe of the vivid and endless array of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s pantsuits. I have never seen so many tailored to be snug in the waist, wide and round in the hips, multi-hued, two or three-piece creased ensembles on a woman in all my life. And, that virtuous, 1st Sunday, deaconess-white was glistening on the stage last night. All she needed was a shawl and one of our famous crowns known as a “church-lady hat” and she could’ve opened the doors of the church or passed out crackers and Welch’s grape juice after the offering.

As comical and quizzical as it is to observe, I acknowledge her need to balance an appearance of leadership (read masculinity) with her challenged femininity. I can also appreciate that she has completely owned this style as a part of her brand, even marketing signed tee shirts with a pantsuit printed on the front. She’s doing what she must to walk comfortably in her own skin, pantsuit, and convince America that she’s ready to lead despite her vagina. America’s patriarchal base will scoff at a female presidential candidate that appears too “womanly” and scorn one for being too physically powerful, aggressive, brash, kurt. You know, “manly.”

Please inform me if you created this montage.

2. Bernie supporters are nothing if not committed and loyal. I applaud their passion and unwillingness to be deterred, but I actually appreciate decency and order. Your leader has sold himself to the political process and is bowing down to be with “her.” Even if you decide not to follow the leadership you so adamantly defend with your vote, the least that is expected of you is to respect the process and just extract yourself from the space designated to edify the other guy...girl in this case. I mean, what is your purpose in shouting and “boo”ing at the DNC? You’re having tantrums because your feelings are hurt and somehow it shocks you that the system is rigged. (I’m not sure if these people were born and raised in America or just immigrated here to support Bernie.) Yet, nothing is going to change the fact that your guy didn’t win the nomination. Your best bet is to start strategizing and organizing for the next, next time (because “her” will certainly strive to be a two-term president), and go home to cuddle with your loving pets.

Please inform me if you created this meme.

3. Chelsea Clinton is a wife and mother of two, one just 5 1/2 weeks old, so I applaud her for even being able to get dressed with matching shoes and remembering to wear undergarments. Any new mother of multiples understands that the shift from one child to two is life-altering, so compounding that with the pressure of being one president’s daughter and campaigning for the other parent to serve the same role is unfathomable for me.

That disclaimer notwithstanding, she was as exciting as watching my 1-year-old son’s oatmeal curdle, dry, and harden as he tries to feed himself one small grain of it at a time every morning. I listened to her like I used to listen to Charlie Brown’s mother or my Astronomy professor; a class I endured simply to get the necessary Science credit and “easy A.” At least we know the political buck stops with “her” because living in the White House again is not in dear Chelsea’s future, unless there’s a daughter and son-in-law suite.

4. Do you remember when you were little and you would ask for a specific thing from your parents and they’d give you the watered-down imitation of that thing? Maybe you don’t know, if you’ve always been rich and granted every heart’s desire. But, for those of us who were floating in the lower part of the widest section of the pool called middle class, we know these instances well. Name brand cereal was not commonly seen in our household when I was in elementary school. My younger siblings lucked up though as my parents climbed the socio-economic ladder. I would ask for “Cap’n Crunch” and get “Lieutenant Crackle,” or “Apple Jack’s” and get “Pear John’s.” It was never quite the same, and I would pout and begrudgingly accept my portion and feign gratitude as to not be punished.

That’s how I honestly feel about “her.”

I really, really, really want Michelle Obama to be POTUS right now! (<<

Michelle Obama- A Life by Peter Slevin

I’ve been spoiled by having a First Family that reflected my familial values and cultural heritage. I haven’t agreed with all of the president’s policies or his lack of advocacy for Black America, but I have appreciated the First Family’s example, impact, presence, and concerts in the White House. Did you all see the Stevie Wonder tribute?!

I was ignited and duped like most of us into believing that we were on our way to resolving the racial tension and revising the narrative of this country through politics and the election of the first Black President of the United States. Then, Trayvon Martin happened, and Jordan Davis, and Tanisha Anderson, and Mike Brown, and Yvette Smith, and Rekia Boyd, and Eric Garner, and the massacre at Mother Emanuel, and Sandra Bland, and mass incarceration did not decrease and Black unemployment is still the highest of any other group... and the list of Black America’s grievances goes on and on and on.

Rekia Boyd was shot and killed by off-duty, Detective Servin for playing music too loudly.
Rekia Boyd was shot and killed by off-duty, Detective Servin for playing music too loudly.

I was not foolish enough to believe that the president would or even should solve these problems. I was naive enough to believe that Black America would be empowered by their election to solve these problems ourselves, for ourselves, which is the only way they’ll ever be remedied. That didn’t or hasn’t happened. Maybe, we need more time. Maybe, we were too enamored with the stunningly beautiful First Family, the real-life Huxtables without the “Scandal,” and lost focus. Maybe, we’ll get it if we just have another chance to see the power, beauty, and strength we’ve always possessed on such an international platform by electing Michelle Obama as the first female President of the United States! Maybe.....

Buuuuuuut, that’s not happening. Now, we’re left with two, majority-supported candidates and a list a mile long of third-party candidates, Dr. Jill Stein and former Governor Gary Johnson being two of them. But, none of them are Michelle!!

Though they all, except Trump of course, are trying to appeal to me as a woman and as a Black American, I’m certainly not convinced that the intersection of my Blackness and womanhood will be acknowledged by the “Chee-to” or “her,” or anyone else on the list. Feminism has only included Black women as a footstool and tool to push its own agenda, which never centered around our specific needs. Just ask Sojourner.

I know pouting, stomping, and “boo”ing will not benefit me or this process. I know abstaining will give me no more satisfaction than voting for a non-Michelle candidate. I know the emotive obligation that Black Americans feel that prompts the upwardly mobile or formally educated of us to vote, but misses the others of us still completely oppressed in every way by this corrupt system. I know I’ve got to do something other than sulk. Part of that something is fully investing myself in the arduous process of protecting our livelihood and culture, which right now is Phase I of Operation Blexit: The National Black Banking Campaign.
As far as politics are concerned though, I’m still ready to dump Trump, but not quite sure where I stand with “her” or any other non-Michelle candidate for that matter. May God be with me in the voting booth as well.

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