She Makes Stale Bread Fresh Again With Just a Paper Towel and a Microwave

It's almost like bread is a perfect food. That is, until it gets stale.
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composition with loafs of bread ...
composition with loafs of bread ...

By Elyse Wanshel, writer at

There is a reason why you're always full by the time your food arrives at the table in a restaurant: Bread is delicious.

It's not just the warm, fluffy rolls that are mouthwatering, either. Most bread types have their own distinctive and tasty merits from baguettes, sourdough, and everyday Wonder Bread to brioche, naan, and even rainbow-colored Challah. Even the health conscious whole wheat is fantastically flavorful. It's almost like bread is a perfect food.

That is, until it gets stale. Then it's sad, hard, and as appealing as chewing on sponge. If you're a carb-lover like myself, nothing is more heartbreaking then watching a loaf you just bought devolve into a mostly-full, $2 bag of bread slices so hard you can use them to hammer nails into the wall.

But that doesn't have to happen anymore! We have found an easy food trick that breathes new life into your crummy bread by making stale slices fresh once again. This trick will save you money, trips to the grocery store, and even allow you to save room for your entrée at a restaurant, because now instead of eating those rolls, you can take them home and devour them later. And to think, all you need to do this is a wet paper towel and microwave...

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