She Turned her Yearly Salary into Monthly Targets. Stephanie Joanne Teaches Entrepreneurs How to Build Brands That Mean Business

When I first came across Stephanie Joanne I was blown away by her story and expertise. It is rare to see people start in one industry and then change to dominate another. For Stephanie, she applied what she learned becoming a major brand in the fitness industry to help others grow their online business empires.

Since appearing in over 200 media outlets, building her personal brand to be one of the most recognized in fitness, and managing over nine revenue streams, she has now flipped the table and is opening up her keys to success in online business.

On her website, she provides detailed articles on how to create a brand that stands out from the pack, implement a proven business system and launch your online empire. The one takeaway from her site is that everything is actionable. Her tips and tricks aren't some thought provoking mystical guide, they are steps you can take right now to grow your online business.

As she says, "Screw goals. It's time for an action plan." This, as any successful online entrepreneur will know, is a key to making moves in this industry. Without taking action your business won't go anywhere. If you're ready to start this instant, SJ wants you to know 3 things.

Focus on Your Customer

Who are you in business for? What are their pain-points and where they are hanging out? As an online entrepreneur, you need to do more than just identify what your customers are looking for. You must know what your customer is really thinking and feeling. This is where you'll get to know your audience.

Once you have a understanding of their needs, it is time to use your expertise, creativity, and ambition to meet them in ways your customers could have never imagined. Consider what you're trying to accomplish with your services and then find out how to best connect your customers to them. Buying is an emotional decision and if you do not tap into the emotion of your prospects, you will have a hard time selling them.

Build a Back End

Let's face it, you need to find your customers. They aren't going to come knocking on your doorstep and everyone is already being inundated with marketing messages. As the expert, you need a marketing system (sales funnel) complete with several touch points with potential customers. This is a step you take before they finally upgrade their "follower" status with you and "subscribe" to your community, eventually graduating to customer status!

SJ has transformed and refined her formula into something anyone can implement, regardless of their level of business experience or social media following, as a complete and repeatable business model. Lead strategies to get someone's email address include social media marketing, but can range from webinars to guest blog posts. The key to getting to establishing brand loyalty, trust and launching a business that actually converts (makes money), lies in the third point.

Convert With Your Front End

Having an incredible product or offer, complete with a sales funnel, although crucial to the success of your business is obsolete with a STAND OUT front end brand. In today's marketing landscape what people think when they look you (or your business) up matters, their perception they have of you and your offer are vital to making a sale.

People want to work with the best, and brands with perceived influence, authority, credibility and social proof have the obvious edge over the competition. Digital media has changed the way consumers make buying decisions so your brand has to show up and represent you online. Graphics social proof consistent visual branding are the new "referrals" they establish trust in the eyes of your potential clients and are the key to monetizing your online business.