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She Turns An Ugly Tree Stump Into An Adorable Fairy House

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By Barbara Diamond, writer at LittleThings

In April of 2015, Mimi's husband told her he needed to cut down a dead tree in their yard. "I always have a project I want to try," Mimi says. "Plus, I'm known for making simple tasks complex." So of course, she couldn't just sit back and watch him cut down the tree without putting an artistic, creative spin on the remaining stump. Since the tree was located right near the street, she came up with the idea of turning it into a Gnome Tree Stump House. Mimi says her husband is never too thrilled with her ambitious ideas, but this is one of which he's very proud.

After cutting down the tree, Mimi and her husband worked together to collect all the supplies they needed at places like Lowe's, Walgreen's, their local dollar store... and also by using scrap wood and second-hand materials. A couple weeks later, after a storm had come through, Mimi was ready to unveil her DIY project with the world, and we couldn't help but share it with you. The Gnome House is finished with the cutest little touches -- like a shepherd's hook, miniature lantern, wooden windows, and small clay pots filled with real flowers. The project continues to garner lots of comments and praise from the neighbors, and has become the cutest conversation piece :)

So remember: "If you have an old stump sitting around, there's something cute to do." I couldn't agree more! Please enjoy, and SHARE this awesome DIY project with your friends on Facebook!

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