This Sea Otter Pup Loves Snacks, Milk And Toys Just As Much As Any Other Baby

Chicago's Shedd Aquarium clearly has a star on its hands.

Just over two weeks ago, the facility took in a young, orphaned southern sea otter. Dubbing her "Pup 681" for now, Shedd employees provide her round-the-clock care, ensuring that the surprisingly furry critter learns basic otter tasks such as grooming, foraging, feeding and regulating her own body temperature.

If the aquarium's latest video and photo releases are any indication, little 681's lessons appear to be going swimmingly. Footage shows the pup feeding from a bottle, playing with her toys and learning how to swim. She also appears to be growing and looks ever so slightly larger than the last time we saw her, about a week ago.

The pup is also preparing for her first Google Hangout. On Nov. 18 at 1 p.m. ET, the Shedd will host a live “poolside” hangout with Pup 681. Moderated by veteran Chicago journalist Bill Kurtis, the event will provide the public with an update on her progress. Registration for the hangout can be accessed here.

Go, 681, go! See more photos of the precious pup, below:

shedd 1

shedd 6

shedd 3

shedd 4

shedd smalll

shedd smalll

shedd bottle small

shedd 5

shedd 2



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