There Are Hundreds Of Sheep In This Picture. No, Really.


Turns out sheep aren't half baaaaaad at hide-and-seek.

Liezel Kennedy, a farmer who works at Pilgrim Farms in Saskatchewan, Canada, had a bit of difficulty spotting her flock of about 550 sheep earlier this month. Now, how in the world does one miss hundreds of sheep? Well check out the photo, which she shared on Twitter last week and you'll understand.

They're so blended into the scenery, it's easy to totally miss them.

Liezel Kennedy/@pilgrimfarms/Twitter

Don't see them yet? Try again. We promise the sneaky sheep are there.

Liezel Kennedy/‏@pilgrimfarms/Twitter

There we go!

The farmer explained to The Huffington Post that the strange sight occurred after the first snowfall she's experienced this fall. She said that while it's sometimes tough to find the sheep because they may be behind a hill or valley, completely missing them was a first for her.

"I've never driven right past them and not seen them!" she wrote. "It was only on my second pass of the pasture that I spotted them."
Not only are the sheep pros at concealing themselves around snow, it seems they also have some experience in warmer weather. Kennedy told HuffPost that in the summer, the sheep can be hard to spot in the tall grass, and after seeing the photo below, we don't doubt that these guys would be great as spies.
Liezel Kennedy
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