Sheep Forgets How To Sheep, Frolics With Dogs Instead

The sheep in Scotland are really going to the dogs.

Well, just one sheep in particular, named "Pet," who was orphaned as a lamb and brought up by four border collies in Ullapool, Ross-shire.

"She thinks the oldest dog ... is her mother," one of her humans, Jemma Mackenzie, explained in the description accompanying a YouTube video of the sheep. "Sleeping in the same basket and following her everywhere from a very young age!"

The BBC reports Pet suffered complications during her birth in April 2014, and struggled to survive. Those ailments, including a problem with her back legs, landed her a spot in the warmth of the house, where she bonded instantly with the family dogs.

"She’s still a wee bit wobbly but loves to hop, skip and jump around," Mairi Mackenzie, who owns the B&B where Pet lives, told The Daily Mail. She added that Pet loves going on walks with the dogs, and "even tries to wag her tail."

Gives new meaning to the idea of a "sheep dog," doesn't it?

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