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Sheet Cake Recipes (PHOTOS)

Half the work of a layer cake, but just as good.
05/10/2013 09:26am ET | Updated September 21, 2016

Sheet cakes might be thought of by some bakers as the lazy man's cake, but we're here to bring it to its proper greatness. Sure, with a sheet cake there are no fancy layers, no ombre colors, and very seldom any intricate decorations. It's as basic as it gets when it comes to cake.

What you normally get is a one-layered cake with a thick layer of frosting on top. And, it's great. Because what we really love about cake is the way it tastes, and sheet cake tastes just as good as any other cake -- and it's normally pretty big. Plus, there's the added bonus that it was infinitely easier to bake, making it taste just that much sweeter to us.

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Sheet Cake Recipes