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The Perfect Sheet Masks For Overly Busy People

Sit still? Ain't nobody got time for dat!

Sheet masks -- the thin, cloth skincare treatments that remind us of the character Jason Voorhees from "Friday the 13th" -- are an easy way to moisturize dry skin, calm redness, unclog pores and simply relax. But not every person has the patience to wait for up to 20 minutes so that the nourishing and hydrating ingredients penetrate deep into their pores. So when we were introduced to new sheet masks that allow you to get stuff done while you can do other things, we had to spread the world.

The Karuna Body Collection includes an Age-Defying Hand Mask, Hydrating Hand Mask and Exfoliating Foot Mask that you can wear while eating, texting or walking thanks to their sock and glove-like design. See for yourself:

A video posted by @huffpostbeauty on

All you do is simply slip on a sheet mask, secure it with the sticker and do your thing as your skin soaks in Karuna's signature "Beauty Boost," which is a blend of peptides, plant extracts, aloe vera, vitamin B, chamomile, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. The difference in the appearance and texture of your hands and feet are literally like night and day, as these ingredients make your skin feel softer and look brighter.

No complaints here! Our only request: that the brand create individually wrapped onesie masks so that our entire body can benefit from a deep skin hydration treatment.

Shop the Karuna Body Collection Age-Defying Hand Mask, Hydrating Hand Mask and Exfoliating Foot Mask ($9.50-$38) at,, and Sephora stores beginning in October.

*Karuna provided sheet mask samples for review purposes.

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