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For Her Latest Trick, 85-Year-Old Hooker Sheila Vogel-Coupe Tells All

As one of the oldest practitioners of the world's oldest profession, 85-year-old Sheila Vogel-Coupe would have good reason to retire. But she's digging in her heels.

"I don’t think I will ever stop," Vogel-Coupe told outlets ahead of a British Channel 4 documentary, "My Granny the Escort," about her and two other elderly hookers.

Vogel-Coupe, said to be Britain's oldest prostitute, reportedly earns about $420 per hour and was servicing as many as 10 clients a day until she underwent surgery to have part of her intestines removed, notes British tabloid Metro. She entered the sex trade four years ago to overcome loneliness after the 2004 death of her second husband.

But knocking boots for loot has become a labor of love. "The most important reason is because I love sex. Even thinking about it makes me feel better," she says in the documentary, according to the Daily Mail.

Vogel-Coupe's career choice has reportedly alienated her from most of her family, including her granddaughter, former British "X Factor" contestant Katie Waissel. However, she does maintain a relationship with one daughter and grandson, Britain's Mirror tabloid reported.

The Huffington Post UK points out that Vogel-Coupe can be found as Cecilia Bird on the Mature Courtesans website, where her age is listed as 80.

Check out a 2011 interview with Vogel-Coupe above. Below, you can see an interview clip featuring another sex worker from "My Granny the Escort."

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