Sheila Warnock--A Woman of Worth

One of the things that never fails to inspire me is seeing women who are pursuing their dreams by making a difference in the world, and improving the lives of the people around them. My friend Alene recently told me about an amazing woman named Sheila Warnock who created Share The Care, a brilliant and innovative program designed to help provide a network of care for seriously ill, disabled or aging individuals and their primary caregivers.

Sheila says, "Knowing that I can help someone avoid the isolation, depression, and burnout I faced while caring for my late mother drives me to do this work. I truly believe in the Share The Care model - which is a lifesaver not only for the caregiver, and the care recipient, but also for the individual group caregivers who want to help. It is my passion and life purpose to continue teaching this model not only for myself, but for Susan, Cappy and all those loved ones we've all cared for and lost along the way."

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