Young Girls Talk About Feminism One Year After Learning What It Is

Welcome to the club, ladies.

A lot can change in a year. Just ask these young feminists. 

SheKnows Media introduced young girls in its Hatch program to feminism back in August 2014. At that time, many of the girls didn't know much about the movement -- or the definition of the term, at that. "I've actually never heard that word," one girl said. 

Then, the girls spent a year participating in workshops focusing on topics related to feminism, such as stereotypes about women in leadership, men's roles in women's equality and celebrities and positive role models who have celebrated feminism.

In footage from October 2015, the young girls proudly identify as feminists, gaining a lot of confidence along the way. 

"Feminism has given me more confidence than I thought was possible," one girl said. "I believe women can do anything," another added.

After all, feminism simply stands for gender equality, they note.

Girls rule.

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