Shelby Lynne Talks Sexuality In New Interview: 'I Think Everybody's Gay'

Her latest album may have been titled "Revelation Road," but Shelby Lynne has always been tight-lipped about discussing her personal life in public -- until now, that is.

The 44-year-old country star recently sat down with The Boot writer Stephen L. Betts in what just may be her most intimate interview yet, even touching on her sexuality which has been the subject of rampant media and fan speculation.

After Betts told the famously private Lynne that he was gay, the singer noted:

"I've been around the world and back so many times, I think everybody's gay. Everybody's a little gay. As far as my personal life, I don't go into details because that's all I've got. With the person that I allow out in the music, that's plenty.

But I am secure enough to say that of all of my relationships, I've covered the boundaries. [laughs] I don't think there's any need anymore in our time and era for titles or brands ... because either way you try to sensitize it, somebody's going to be offended. So the best thing to do is just be who you are and be proud of it and hopefully everybody can love who they want to love."

She then went on to note:

"It's not what you want to announce to the world -- and if you do, that's great -- but you don't have to. You don't have to be labeled something, in society's terms. You just need to be. That's what I would tell young 'uns and people that are struggling, who say, "I know I'm gay but I can't come out because of my family or whatever." Just decide. You don't have to be under any rules. It's OK to be a freak. Be proud of your freak-ism, man."

Correction on October 26 at 6:40pm: An earlier version of this story included a quote attributed to Lynne when it was actually said by the interviewer. This has been corrected.



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