Zombie-Like Shelf Cloud Barrels Through Sydney, Australia

Just "roll" with it.

You never know what'll happen on a visit Down Under.

Tourists and locals alike were left stunned after a massive shelf cloud descended upon Sydney, Australia, rolling over the Sydney Harbour and Bondi Beach areas on Friday, Nov. 6. A shelf cloud usually signifies the leading edge of a thunderstorm, where updrafts and downdrafts of air meet, the Weather Channel explains.

Onlookers said it looked something like a "tidal wave," as seen in this epic timelapse footage:

While shelf clouds may also look similar to tornados, it's important to remember that they're nothing of the sort.

They are often followed by rain, hail and some very beautiful Instagram footage:

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Crazy 'tidal wave' weather front in Bondi today

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Of course, Sydney isn't ALL doom and gloom. The stunning city is generally warm this time of year, and full of coffee, cuisine and crustaceans. So take a visit to Australia:

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