The Secret Life Of Shellfish Will Surprise And Terrify You

We never knew mussels looked like THIS.

Shellfish are real lookers on a plate.

But would you still swoon over scallops if you knew about the dark and gooey life they led before reaching your restaurant?

It turns out some of our favorite shellfish (read: ALL of our favorite shellfish) look a little terrifying before they're cooked and served. Sure, they taste delicious in savory stews and flavor-packed pastas. But c'mon, shellfish: We NEVER knew you looked like this IRL. For example...

Raw clams vaguely resemble body parts.
Vincenzo Lombardo via Getty Images
Is this a clam, or that dangly thing in the back of your throat? The similarity is too close to call.
And mussels could also double as a mini little stomach.
Johner Images via Getty Images
THIS is shrimp, people.
Purestock via Getty Images
Stare into its beady little eye for good luck.
And behold, the geoduck clam.
You know what this one looks like.
Say hello to the REAL scallops.
Ryoji Yoshimoto/Aflo via Getty Images
Reminiscent of something we'd dissect in science class.
Crab, before it hits the plate.
Leandro Walicek via Getty Images
So. many. claws.
Oh, and meet raw squid.
Maximilian Stock Ltd. via Getty Images
Mmm, looks like calamari.
Octopus, is that you?
ullstein bild via Getty Images
Yes, just waaay less fancy than when he's flanked by arugula.
As if we needed a reminder about oysters...
Ariane Lohmar via Getty Images
Positively slimy.
...or lobster.
Steven Trainoff Ph.D. via Getty Images
Hello, antennae!
And if you won't eat shellfish anymore ... Ollie will.
ROBYN BECK via Getty Images
We're just a little grossed out by now. Thanks for picking up our leftovers, Ollie!
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