Shelter Dogs Pick Out Their Own Christmas Presents In Heart-Meltingly Cute Videos

Happy Howl-idays!

Some animal rescue groups are making sure their dogs don’t miss out on holiday cheer.

LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta posted an adorable video on social media Monday showing several dogs acting like gleeful puppies as they selected wrapped or bagged presents under a tree, then tore them open to discover the toys or treats inside. As an extra-cute bonus, several of the dogs were wearing festive attire, including sweaters. At least one canine was outfitted with what appear to be plush antlers.

The presents were donated by volunteers at the nonprofit.

One dog enjoying his Christmas present.
LifeLine Animal Project
One dog enjoying his Christmas present.

A similar video from Ireland shows dogs at Dogs Trust Ireland’s Rehoming Center in Dublin joyfully choosing gifts from a selection that had been laid out in a line.

“As you will see, deciding on which toy was a big decision for some dogs,” the organization wrote.

You can learn more about the adoptable pets at LifeLine Animal Project here, and Dogs Trust Ireland here.

Or, if these videos are making you long for your own furry companion to share the holidays with, but you live nowhere near Georgia or Ireland, check out your own local animal shelter.