Shep Smith Fact-Checks Fellow Fox News Host Chris Wallace To His Face Over Shutdown

Wallace said “both sides” were to blame for the government shutdown. Smith vehemently disagreed.

Fox News host Chris Wallace attempted to blame both President Donald Trump and Democrats for the ongoing partial government shutdown on Friday.

But his fellow Fox host Shep Smith wasn’t having it.

Smith explained how Trump had taken ownership of the shutdown right from the beginning. “This back and forth thing is just not credible,” Smith said. “The president said: ‘I’m shutting down the government. I’ll own the shutdown. I’m proud to carry the mantle.’ And he shut the government down. And that’s that.”

Wallace replied: “Well, I mean it takes two to tango.”

Smith responded: “There’s no tango here. The president said, ’I’m shutting the government down.”

Wallace argued Trump would “shut the government down unless they gave him funding for the wall, and they refused to give him funding for the wall. Both sides are party to this.”

Smith noted, however, how Democrats ran in part during the 2018 midterm campaign on a promise that Trump would not receive funding for his proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

“They won 40 seats plus in the House of Representatives and they’re not giving him a wall,” Smith said, adding that Trump “can reopen it tomorrow just like he closed it down. It’s all on him, isn’t it?”

Check out the clip here: