Shep Smith DNC Coverage: One Could 'Succinctly' Argue That Country 'Is Better Off' Than Four Years Ago (VIDEO)

WATCH: Shep Smith Defends Obama Administration

Fox News' Shep Smith was his usual, unfiltered self on Tuesday night as he covered the 2012 Democratic National Convention live from Charlotte, North Carolina.

During a conversation with Fox News' Chris Wallace, Smith defended President Obama's administration from the criticism that the country is not better off than it was four years ago, since the economy has not fully recovered and unemployment statistics remain high.

Smith asked, "Isn't it possible to say, 'We are better off?'" He added, "I mean you could make that argument and make it pretty succinctly, couldn't you? I mean we were in a pretty bad free fall. I remember a day when we thought that the whole economy of the world was going to collapse and a lot has been done to improve things, hasn't it?"

Wallace agreed somewhat and said, "There's no question that we are not at the precipice in the way we were in January of 2009, you're exactly right...But unemployment is up." Wallace was then interrupted as Smith returned to DNC programming.

This is just the latest example of Smith bucking the trend set by his Fox News colleagues, a quality that has made him a fan favorite.

When his Fox News colleague Mike Huckabee stood by fast food chain Chick-fil-A and declared a "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day," Smith decided to rename it to "National Day of Intolerance."

Similarly, when President Obama came out in support of same-sex marriage, Smith welcomed the president to the 21st century and said that Republicans who oppose the issue were firmly "sitting on the wrong side of history."

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