Shep Smith Rips Don Lemon For Driving 'Blizzardmobile' During CNN's Storm Coverage

Fox News' Shepard Smith took a swipe at CNN anchor Don Lemon on Tuesday, after Lemon reported on "Winter Storm Juno" from a so-called Blizzardmobile.

The CNN host became the center of criticism Tuesday for taking such extreme measures to cover the storm, even after the blizzard turned out to be far less "historic" than it was predicted to be.

Appearing on Fox Business Network, Smith told host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery that he would never have done what Lemon did on the air, and also gave some tips for how to cover breaking news like a pro.

"It doesn't reacquire a lot of preparation to deal with breaking news," Smith said. "You have to be able to take in a lot of information, filter it, realize where it came from, how much to trust the source, go with things sometimes on your gut, put things away sometimes on your gut -- and if they told you to drive a 'Blizzardmobile,' as some of our friends across town had to do that, I would trust my gut and say no thanks."

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