Shep Smith Takes 'Ice Bucket Challenge,' Nominates Rachel Maddow Next

Fox News' Shep Smith was the latest news anchor to take on the "Ice Bucket Challenge" and continue the now-viral trend of getting completely soaked for a good cause.

The "Ice Bucket Challenge" began as an online fundraising plan to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). The idea is that you must record yourself being doused with a bucket of freezing cold water. If you don't, you must donate money to charity. If you do, you can then nominate three more people to take the challenge (and often people still donate money).

Smith said he received the challenge from University of Mississippi's athletic director Ross Bjork. Just before completing the task, Smith nominated MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, who he referred to as "a television presenter for some channel somewhere."

Matt Lauer also took the challenge earlier in July and then challenged NBC News' Brian Williams, Martha Stewart and Howard Stern to participate as well. Only time will tell if Williams and Maddow will follow through and be the next news hosts to be drenched with ice cold water.

Watch the video above to see Smith take the challenge.

(h/t: TVNewser)