Shep Smith Urges Fox News Viewers To Read The Mueller Report For Themselves

The Fox News host gives the network's viewers a reality check with "10 instances of apparent obstruction of justice."

Fox News host Shepard Smith urged the network’s viewers to read the evidence against President Donald Trump that was laid out in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. 

As House lawmakers voted on a resolution Tuesday to allow committee chairs to sue the Trump administration to enforce subpoenas, Smith said viewers needed to read the report to see what was on the line:

Remember, in his 400-plus page report that everyone in America should read ― everyone ― Robert Mueller laid out 10 instances of apparent obstruction of justice, criminal obstruction of justice, potentially, by President Trump. The special counsel did not exonerate the president. Said if they could’ve they would’ve, but they couldn’t so they didn’t.

Smith also reminded viewers that Mueller said he could not charge Trump with a crime due to Justice Department guidelines:

A copy of the redacted report (PDF) is available here.



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