Shep Smith Wants 'True Blood' Cameo (VIDEO)

As viewers may know, Shep Smith is a huge fan of "True Blood." The Fox News host has turned discussions of Lance Armstrong's doping scandal and the royal baby's birth into spontaneous chats about the HBO show.

On Tuesday, the Fox News host issued his latest declaration of his love for the show, and made a pitch for a cameo. After sharing news of "True Blood" star Evan Rachel Wood's new baby, he said, "I really want to be on that show. I feel like I can play a reporter in there, like, a cameo next year."

Correspondent Jonathan Hunt supported the idea, noting that Charlie Rose managed to get a cameo in "Breaking Bad."

"Sookie's very annoying, though," Smith admitted. "She's so annoying, I don't know how much time I can spend there."

Smith recently compared the royal baby, whose name had not yet been announced, to Sheriff Balfour's fairy daughters, saying that the surviving fairy baby wasn't named Adeline Braylon Charlene Danika until episode six of this season. "Something tells me that will not be the name of His Majesty, the baby," he said.

Last year, Smith was also discussing the allegations against Lance Armstrong when he decided he wanted to talk about "True Blood" instead.



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