Shep Smith Meets 'True Blood' Actor Joe Manganiello (VIDEO)

Shep Smith took his love of "True Blood" to a new level on Wednesday.

The Fox News host is a huge fan of the HBO show — a fact that, to our delight, he has not been shy about on the air. On Wednesday, Shep met and interviewed "True Blood" star Joe Manganiello.

In between chatting about the struggles that Manganiello has overcome and his new book about fitness, Shep and his guest got into it about "True Blood." Just a few gems from Shep during their chat:

"Vampire Bill has just been kidnapped by Russell Edgington. Vampire Bill used to be the king of Mississippi."

"You killed a pack master to make things better and then you had to eat part of his body, Joe."

"It all started though really with sort of a romance between Sookie and Bill."

"Be careful with Sookie."

It was kind of amazing. Could a Shep Smith cameo on "True Blood" be next? We'll settle for Shep inserting "True Blood" references into news stories about Lance Armstrong's doping scandal and the birth of the royal baby in the meantime.



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