Shep Smith: Was That Canadian Health Care Story We Just Ran Fair? (VIDEO)

"The Fox Report" on Fox News, hosted by anchor Shepard Smith, ran a piece by reporter Dan Springer on how Canada's single-payer health care system is forcing Canadians to come to the United States for care because the waiting period for treatment is too long. The report was intended to contrast negatively with proposals in the U.S. to include a public option in health care reform, however Smith questioned whether the report they just ran was actually fair:

Of course you wonder if it's really a fair comparison when no one has introduced a single-payer system here. In fact a government-run option has barely been suggested, at least isn't included at the moment. We'd still have private health insurance here. So, I mean, it's different.

Springer defended the comparison by saying that some critics of a public option say it would inevitably lead to a single-payer system because despite there still being private insurers, there is no way they could compete with a plan funded by the government. Smith replied, "Of course the government says, they compete with FedEx and they compete with UPS, and you have options, and that's what they're suggesting here."

WATCH: (H/t Jon)

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