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Shepard Fairey Gun Control Print, 'God Saves & Satan Invests' ... And More Arts News (PHOTOS)

Shepard Fairey Takes On Gun Control Debate

Shepard Fairey's propaganda aesthetic has become almost synonymous with many of the political causes the vocal artist has supported, from the Obama campaign to Occupy Wall Street. Now Fairey is whipping out his sharp-edged visual stylings in opposition to gun advocates with a new print entitled, "God Saves & Satan Invests."

shepard fairey gun

The piece was inspired by the recent spree of school and mass shootings in the United States, Fairey explained in a blog post. The LA-based street artist explains the print's text in the post, illuminating the hypocrisy of aligning gun advocacy with Christian values:

"If god tells us to love our neighbor and not to take another human life, where do the assault weapons and piles of ammo fit into these 'Christian values?' I personally think assault weapons fall more in the 'Satan’s values' category... These weapons are tools of aggression, not defense, and any sane person not clouded by irrational fear would reach the same conclusion. When I ponder the demand for these killing machines, I see Satan metaphorically at work in the darkest, fear-based impulses of humanity. We can rise above and be better!"

On April 2, Fairey is selling 450 prints online at $50 each, with a percentage of the proceeds going toward a yet to be determined gun law advocacy group.

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