Shepard Fairey Mural: Sage Seb's Short Film Captures The Creation Of Austin Mural (VIDEO)

Whether cloaked by night or hidden in disguise, street artists don't often work in the public eye. A stunning short film by Sage Seb presents a rare, aestheticized view of one of the most influential street artists today, Shepard Fairey.

In the video above, Seb captures the L.A. legend's delicate process from start to finish. Seb's film follows Fairey as he creates a mural for this year's South By Southwest, combining multiple geometric perspectives with Andrew Bird's haunting score. The video itself takes on Fairey's signature palette, beginning in black-and-white and culminating with punching red accents.

"The concept was to capture a mural Shepard created and reincarnate it into a standalone piece of moving art," Seb wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. "The creators of the film wanted to emphasize the intricate process of creation while maintaining the visual aesthetic of the art itself."

What do you think of this interpretation of Fairey's Austin mural? Let us know in the comments, and scroll through the slideshow below to see the best cities in the world to spot street art.



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