Shepard Fairey Typo In 'Compton's Most Wanted' Print Reminds Us To 'Lighten Up' (PHOTO)

Street art legend Shepard Fairey showed that he is in fact a human being with flaws (gasp!) when he made a typo on his newest print, a tribute to Eazy E., entitled "Compton's Most Wanted."

shepard fairey typo
Artwork courtesy of Shepard Fairey/
Photographer - Michael Miller /

Instead of calling E. a "ruthless villain" he mistakenly dubbed him a "ruthless villian." Yet Fairey is quick to point out the mistake on his website along with a healthy reminder that these things happen to the best of us.

ATTENTION: There is a typo on this print! I spell pretty well, but I sometimes type carelessly. villain is accidentally misspelled "villian" on this print. I wish this were a creative re-imagination of the English language as one often sees in hip hop lingo, but no, it is altogether unintentional. If this offends you as unacceptable, please don't buy the print, and please maybe lighten up. Thanks for understanding that sh*t happens!

-Shepard Fairey

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