Shepard Smith Tears Into CNN, Piers Morgan For Off-The-Air Casey Anthony Phone Interview (VIDEO)

Shepard Smith tore into CNN host Piers Morgan on his Wednesday Fox News show for his off-the-air phone interview with Casey Anthony.

In a segment focused on what the network referred to as Anthony's P.R. move, Smith criticized Morgan and CNN for over-hyping the interview.

"CNN's Piers Morgan — if you haven't heard of him, he's the guy who replaced the Larry King — he says he spoke with Casey Anthony on the phone for about ten minutes," Smith said, his voice dripping with contempt. "It was a big get — a G-E-T for the CNN."

Smith said that Morgan reported that Anthony said she's "gone through hell," and that rumors that she gained weight are false.

"Scoop: 'This is CNN Breaking News: Casey Anthony Has Not Gained Weight!'" he cried. "You've come a long way, CNN."

Smith seemed to mock the interview further and said, "Casey's lawyer says that she works out all the time and that she's reading the book 'The Hunger Games.'"

Before turning to his panel, Smith made it clear that he was not one to go after his competitors. "I have a lot of friends at all these networks — friends I've had for twenty years," Smith said. "I mostly respect the work that all of them do. But CNN gets its big scoop, Piers gets on the phone with Casey, hangs up the phone, comes on TV and talks to the lawyer. Really? That's the big scoop?"

After The Huffington Post tweeted about the story, Morgan responded. "Comical, more like.. he just wishes he'd got it," Morgan wrote.



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