Shepard Smith Says His Email Is Becoming "More And More Frightening" (VIDEO)

UPDATE 6/11: Rush Limbaugh responded to Fox News' Shepard Smith's expression of concern over increasing anger from viewers since the election of President Barack Obama.

Limbaugh played the clip, referenced liberal anger at President George W. Bush and said, "For liberals to claim that the atmosphere is somehow more violently anti-Obama is simply preposterous." He mocked Shep Smith for "whining and moaning and complaining about emails" and said he got plenty of angry emails himself, including some calling him a "Jew-lover." "Shep," he said, "you got nothing on anybody out there."


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Fox News' Shepard Smith's pretty well known -- and oft praised -- for the way he can size up a news event and expose his own authentic concern without seeming mawkish or phony. And in the wake of today's shooting at the Holocaust Museum, Smith went on the air today to talk about the emails he's been receiving for "the past few months," and how they've been getting "more and more frightening."

SMITH: There are people now, who are way out there on a limb. And I think they're just out there on a limb with the email they send us. Because I read it, and they are out there. I mean, out there in a scary place...I could read a hundred of them like this...I mean from today. People who are so amped up and so angry for reasons that are absolutely wrong, ridiculous, preposterous."

He went on to read an email, filled with the usual paranoid "birther" nonsense, which included an admonishment to Smith. "This is, I promise, a representative sample of the kind of things that we get here," Smith said.

Time will tell if Smith's colleagues at Fox stop taking these sorts of emails casually. Smith clearly could do that no longer. I think that's appropriate!


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