Fox News' Shepard Smith Vents About ‘Frustrating’ Responses On Trump's Actions

"This isn’t about politics at all."

Shepard Smith had one word to sum up the news coming out of the White House on Monday: “frustrating.” 

The Fox News host, one of the few voices on the network to take contrarian points of view when discussing the current administration, was referring to a letter from President Donald Trump’s legal team that said the president “dictated” misleading statements about his son’s 2016 meeting with Kremlin-linked individuals promising damaging information on rival Hillary Clinton. The White House previously said the president did not dictate the statements.

“This isn’t about politics at all,” Smith said. “We want to report without fear or favor and hold truth to power no matter who it is in power. And when you get a competing set of facts, one of them completely untrue, and no way to get through it from the highest elected authority in the land ― from those who work for us ― it’s very frustrating for journalists. It’s not partisan.”

Smith went on to discuss Trump’s most recent claim that he has the “absolute right” to pardon himself, and he proceeded to read the Constitution on air to dissect the issue.

Check out the full segment in the video above.