Shepard Smith: Time Warner Cable Has a 'Monopoly' In New York City And 'It's Un-American' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Shep Smith Rages Against Time Warner Cable

Attention Time Warner Cable — Shepard Smith is not happy with his service.

During a segment on Smith's Fox News show "Studio B," Fox Business Network's Shibani Joshi discussed how Apple's new iPad 4G comes at a high price due to the amount of data it requires. Joshi struck a nerve when she suggested users turn on their wi-fi connection to avoid tapping into their data plans.

"Well I would use that wi-fi connection if Time Warner Cable would get over there and fix it," he said. "It's been six weeks!" Smith continued to rage against the cable company and said, "I talked to ten people. They won't fix it, and they won't give me Fios, and I've about had it!"

Joshi recalled Smith's recent outrage against AT&T and said, "if you're not screaming at Time Warner, then you're screaming at AT&T."

"I could scream at Time Warner until the cows come home and make new cows," Smith responded. "And nothing would still happen. Know why? Because it's Time Warner Cable," he said as he slammed his papers on the table. "That's why."

It seems as though Smith has no choice but to subscribe to Time Warner Cable. "Look if they let me go and take the Fios, I'd take the Fios with a smile and say sayonara. I don't have that option," Smith said. Joshi sympathized with Smith and said that it is tough in New York City to subscribe to another cable company. "It is a monopoly and it's un-American," Smith said. "And I'm done with them but I can't get rid of them!"

Smith then calmed down and said, "I'm sorry. Its been a long road, Shibani. It's nice to see you!"

Smith does not shy away from going after telecommunication companies that have crossed him. In February, Smith railed against his cell phone provider AT&T for attempting to limit his supposedly unlimited data plan.

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