Sheriff Chuck Wright Urges Women To Carry Concealed Weapons


Ladies, get your guns.

That's the message from a South Carolina sheriff who urged women to arm themselves after an attempted rape in a public park over the weekend, TV station WYFF reports.

"Our form of justice is not making it," said Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright, according to the station. "Carry a concealed weapon. That'll fix it."

Wright told ladies they ought to carry guns after Walter Monroe Lance allegedly forced a woman to stip naked and tried to rape her on Sunday. Police charged Lance with kidnapping, first-degree sexual misconduct and grand larceny. A judge denied him bond on Monday, according to WOLS.

The best defense against attacks like this is self- defense, according to Wright. Instead of carrying mace, Wright encouraged women to get concealed weapons permits and get .45 caliber firearms.

"You don't have to be accurate,' he said, according to The Spartanburg Herald Journal. "You just have to be close."

A fanny pack would make an excellent place to store a pistol, Wright said.

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