Sheriff Joe Arpaio: 'I Should Be Getting A Medal' For Fighting Illegal Immigration And Drug Cartels

As President Obama took to Reddit Wednesday, Sheriff Joe Arpaio took some questions of his own from foreign journalists.

Addressing his recent racial profiling investigation and stance on immigration, Arpaio told Spanish news service EFE that he deserves a medal for his efforts against illegal immigration.

“I should be getting a medal,” he said. “The president should invite me to the White House and thank me for all my help fighting illegal immigration and drug cartels.”

Arpaio is currently in Tampa for the Republican National Convention. Though he is not officially slated on the RNC schedule, he will be speaking to a crowd of delegates during an invite-only reception Thursday.

“The president and I should go to the patio, have some beers, play a little basketball and talk,” Arpaio added, “but that’s not going to happen.”

No, Sheriff, you probably won't get to try the President's honey ale brew.

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