Sheriff's Parents Survive Loss and Bankruptcy

Several years ago, a local sheriff was killed by a suspect who then fled the country, and was eventually caught. However, authorities in the country would not extradite the suspect, citing the California policies on the death penalty and life in prison without parole as reasons to keep the criminal in their country.

The sheriff's parents spent many years and their entire life savings fighting the refusal until they were finally able to get the law changed so the country would accept the life-in-prison option and send him to a jail in the United States. Despite this major accomplishment, the couple paid a large emotional cost and were forced into bankruptcy. They sold their house to satisfy the bankruptcy creditors and needed to find another home.

These responsible people were referred to Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union, where we decided to make them a mortgage loan despite the recent bankruptcy. Upon learning of our offer, the sheriff's father drove to our office to meet the people who helped him and his wife get a mortgage after all they had been through. They are now in their new home, and we are pleased that we could do our part to make up for even a small portion of their hardship.