SHERPA Mediation

As the days, months and years unfold in NYC, since I returned from Mt Everest Base Camp two and half years ago, it's hard to recall the magic of the experience. The daily struggles that had to be overcome. The exchange with Sherpas. The majestic mountains. One way to tap into the feelings, which are motivational, is through a daily meditation I created.

I practice a meditation using the acronym SHERPA as a guide (pun intended). Here's how it goes:

S stands for "Shh" - with a few breaths I first quiet my mind. Once that happens, I move onto H, which represents "Hear" - focusing my listening on sounds surrounding me (it helps to find a quiet place where pleasant sounds exist (NYC is tough but doable). The E stands for "Experience" - as I take these breaths I become aware of my body and often shift my posture in the chair. The R is the most poignant for me. I remember how difficult things have been at times (the nights below freezing in the tent at 18,000 feet when it's hard to breathe often come to mind) and then shift to "Realize how good things are at this moment. This makes me feel good. "Purpose" is the P. I may focus on a purpose for the day or a remind myself of a bigger purpose. This motivates me, which leads into to the A for "Action."

I have practiced this in less than a minute and on other days 10-15 minutes. After opening my eyes, I am ready for the day ahead, on the Sherpa Path.

I hope you can use this. To learn more about what I have learned from Sherpas that can be useful in your life, visit