Sherri Shepherd: "I Cannot Wait" To Get Naked With My Kid

This morning, the ladies of "The View' were discussing whether it is appropriate for mothers to be naked in front of their sons. Sherri Shepherd, whose two-year-old son Jeffrey lives in Los Angeles with her ex, chimed in: "I am flying home to see my kid, and I cannot wait to take my clothes off."

Sherri continued, "I always walk around naked in front of Jeffrey," and described Jeffrey's reaction: "Right now he just goes, "Mommy boobies' and he laughs hahahaha." Don't think Sherri is that permissive when it comes to fathers and daughters, though. She thinks that a naked father in front of his daughter would be "traumatizing" but insists, "My breasts do not traumatize my kid."


Single, abstinent mom Sherri Shepherd -- whose son Jeffrey lives in LA with her soon-to-be-ex-husband -- discusses how she can't wait to get naked with her kid! The ladies then discuss whether mother-son and father-daughter nudity is acceptable.

From ABC, 2/20