Sherri Shepherd Apologizes To Barbara Walters, Clarifies Remarks On Abortion


A day after it was reported that Sherri Shepherd told black Christian women's magazine Precious Times that she has had "more abortions than she would like to count" and that she wished Barbara Walters could be "saved," Shepherd clarified her remarks on air during "The View."

"Barbara if I offended you in any way, I apologize. I love you," Shepherd said, after admitting her comment was a joke gone wrong.

"I wasn't being flippant about abortions, i wasn't glamorizing [it]," she added. "I want people to know not everybody's perfect."

She also said part of the quote was left out of the piece:

I had suffered from a lot of shame and guilt, and I didn't know how to forgive myself, and a wonderful woman at one of the women's conferences I speak at came to me and said, "Sherri, you know when you get to heaven all your babies are going to be there saying, 'Hi momma.'"

See the video here:

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