Sherri Shepherd's Top 5 Moments Of 2007: Hitting Her Kid, Sleep Orgasms, Pondering Jesus And Asking If The World Is Flat

Even though Sherri Shepherd just joined "The View" in September, it's tough to put together a Top 5 Sherri Moments list because she's full of so many wonderful gems. Whether it's condoning domestic violence, advocating corporal punishment, or just getting stumped when asked the difficult question, "Is the world flat?" It seems like every time we tune in she has something crazy to say. For this, we are forever grateful to Barbara Walters and the rest of "The View" staff responsible for her hire.

On today's "The View," Sherri Shepherd added to her string of controversial comments by claiming that women should now expect to be hit back if they hit their man. "I just don't think it's right," she said. Watch.

On yesterday's "The View," Sherri Shepherd discussed taking her son Jeffrey to a toy store for "rich white folks" and the embarrassment that ensued when her toddler would not stop crying.

The ladies on "The View" were talking today about Greek philosophers, happiness, and religion. Sherri, she who doesn't know if the world is flat, also doesn't understand the timeline of basic world history, claiming "Jesus came first before them."

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