Josh Mandel, Ohio GOP Senate Candidate, Could Spell Trouble For Sherrod Brown

The buzz around Ohio state treasurer Josh Mandel is growing louder ahead of Tuesday's Senate primary in that state.

Six Republican candidates are running to unseat Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) in November, but the most likely challenger is Mandel, the 34-year-old "rock star" of the Republican party, as a longtime GOP consultant in Ohio described him to The Atlantic.

Brown still maintains a lead in the polls over Mandel, but some speculate that won't be easy to hold.

A source told Talking Points Memo the race is likely to tighten, partially because of the large amount of outside spending against Brown. Ohio's Senate race is attracting more third-party spending by Republicans than any other.

"Big spenders include the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ($1.5 million), the 60 Plus Association ($723,338), Crossroads GPS ($506,647) and Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee ($200,077). Brown is the only candidate 60 Plus has targeted," reported The Huffington Post's Amanda Terkel.

Mandel's popularity is bringing out the GOP heavyweights. An Atlantic article Monday suggested the young politician could be "the next Marco Rubio." The popular senator from Florida will be campaigning for Mandel in Ohio.

The other candidates for U.S. Senate from Ohio are Republicans Donna Glisman, Eric LaMont Gregory, Michael Pryce and David W. Dodt, and write-in candidate Russell Bliss Jr.

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