Sherwin-Williams Launches Chip It Paint Color Palette Tool (PHOTOS)

Paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams is taking a very bold step into the digital world with their latest interactive paint color matching tool, Chip It!, which just launched today. Though we've seen our fair share of paint palette generators, this particular version has proven to be an oddly addictive way to spend a morning. And let us tell you, it will indeed take up your morning once you find out how it works.

Chip It! draws from the idea behind Pinterest, which lets anyone make inspiration boards of their favorite images found from the web, through a free downloadable tool. In the case of "Chip It!," you would download a similar tool to your browser's toolbar, which will allow you to take your favorite image and put it in the "Chip It!" site. Next, the site will automatically pull a paint palette inspired by that image, using Sherwin-William's huge library of paint colors. The resulting palette can be saved for quick access during your next paint project.

We were a little stunned ourselves by how easy the palettes come together and how pretty the final results look. We're also impressed that Sherwin-Williams is embracing new digital technologies, which creatively puts them ahead of other paint companies right now.

A little confused about how it all works? Head over to Let's Chip It! and try it out for yourself. Then show us your creations by adding to the slideshow below of our paint color palettes.