Shetland Pony, Seppi, Goes For A Ride In Berlin S-Bahn Subway (VIDEO)

WATCH: Unusual Passenger Rides Berlin Subway

Straphangers on a particular S-Bahn subway train in Berlin, Germany, were in for a surprise Friday when they found an unusual companion on board -- a Shetland pony named Seppi. According to The Local, a 16-year-old girl identified only as Frauke boarded the train with the pony on a whim after she was stood up by a friend.

"He didn't come, so I just got on the train with the pony," she told Berlin's B.Z. newspaper, according to The Local. "Everyone was taking photos or stroking Seppi. Because it was so funny I just kept traveling."

Frauke began her journey in Schulzendorf, riding the train to Friedrichstrasse, where she then took the pony on an excursion to H&M and McDonald's. On her way back home, another passenger filmed Seppi calmly riding the train as Frauke kept the pony on a leash at arm's length.

While some have speculated the pony belongs to a circus, the ownership of the miniature horse and how it came to be on the train in the first place is still a mystery.

S-Bahn spokesman Burkhard Ahlert was less than thrilled when he heard of the incident.

"One may smile but according to our transport regulations, this is clearly not allowed,’ he said, according to Metro U.K. "A horse can be dangerous. What if it escapes? The S-Bahn is no place for such animals."

Ahlert also added that the police have been informed.

This is not the first time someone has brought an animal companion on a subway train. In March, Cocoa the goat, known for her love of pizza, and her owner Cyrus Fakroddin rode the New York subway together.

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