Shia Defends His Mom Comments, Talks 'Indiana Jones' And 'Wall Street'

Shia LaBeouf defended comments he made about his mom and said he may be doing another 'Indiana Jones' movie in an interview with 'Extra!' that is airing Monday night.

He also dished about the 'Wall Street' sequel in which he'll costar with Michael Douglas.

From Extra!'s press release:

In Playboy, LaBeouf says, "Probably the sexiest woman I know is my mother." Now, he responds to the public's reaction to this comments and says everyone misunderstood:

"It was Mother's Day coming up and I don't have any problems appearing crazy to make my mother smile, but she is the most beautiful woman on this planet and I love her. She's fly as hell. I stand by that. My mom's awesome....I think the sickness is also on the other end to be able to twist the words and make it as ridiculous as that. Clearly, I'm not having sex with my mother. It's ridiculous."

On another Indiana Jones film:

"I'm an actor for hire. I have no control in terms of that movie. Last I heard they're making progress in terms of the story. I know Harrison [Ford] is fired up to get back in there as soon as possible and George [Lucas] and Steven [Spielberg] want to make another one...They're making progress but nothing is definite about it. "

On the Wall Street sequel:

"We're deep in prep now. We start in August... It's definitely going to be different. Just the financial landscape is very different. We're talking about the crime of the century...It's a crime. Blatant crime...In this financial climate, it's very relevant."