Shia LaBeouf Is Going On A 24-Hour Elevator Ride For Art

Up and down, up and down ...

Shia LaBeouf is taking a stand for art -- literally. 

The "Fury" actor is riding in an Oxford, U.K., elevator for 24 hours and live-streaming the entire thing. LaBeouf tweeted about his project, called #Elevate, early Friday morning and gave out the exact address so people can find and ride with him. 

His YouTube live stream of the event can be seen in the video above. 

So far, people standing in the elevator have talked about their heroes, Harper Lee's death and certain performance art pieces they've liked. 

Though there are limited visuals (hello, elevator doors!) we caught LaBeouf talking about himself being a "self-hater" and loving the little kid (actor Abraham Attah) in "Beasts of No Nation." 

Later on in the night, LaBeouf will give a talk at Oxford Union.

We can't wait to see what comes out of this project.


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